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I have always been a girl who loves a fabulous party...

I’m Kayla, event coordinator, Owner & Operator of this wonderful little business that fills my heart and soul. I started this business on a whim, after freelancing for a bit. I have always been a girl who loves a fabulous party and even more, I am a girl who loves her family and friends. Time with them is my happiest space and sharing their special moments is what I live for. Our lives are made up of these moments…the moments we don’t forget with the people who mean the most. After freelancing for awhile, I was bombarded with “where’s your card” and “my niece is getting married. She NEEDS your help” and I finally realized this could be the perfect career for blending my left brain type A and my right brain creative, as well as my love for love and relationships of all shapes and sizes. So now, here we are. 5 years later…growing and evolving with you and your families. I have worked all over New York State, as well as Pennsylvania and would love to travel beyond! I believe connecting with your vendors is incredibly important, and I take that connection with you very seriously. I love meeting new people and truly getting to know them, so click the contact me and let’s get to it. It’s time to celebrate you & yours. I so look forward to meeting you.



Kayla Lyon

Founder & Owner

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